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[icons] late night offerings

I just reformatted my computer, meaning I had to install everything again (booo!) but luckily, I was able to recover my copy of Photoshop 7! Therefore, I've got an assortment of icons to celebrate. And there'll be many more tomorrow, I'm kind of in an icon making mood right now. ^^

Remember: please comment, and credit my icons if you plan to use them (either fuyou or sashikomu). Thank you~

[o3] DNAngel
[o2] Crystal Kay
[o2] El Hazard
[o2] Shimatani Hitomi
[o1] Final Fantasy: Advent Children
[o1] Hamasaki Ayumi
[o1] Takahashi Ai
[o1] Utada Hikaru
= 13 icons


oo1 oo2 oo3 oo4 oo5
oo6 oo7 oo8 oo9 o10
o11 o12 o13
Tags: crystal kay, dnangel, el hazard, final fantasy: advent children, hamasaki ayumi, icons, shimatani hitomi, takahashi ai, utada hikaru

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