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[icons] i'm in an iconic mood today

I've been trying a few new things lately, and maybe going overboard with textures and stuff, what can I say - I'm just so addicted! XD

[09] X/1999
[04] Alichino
[04] Fairy Cube
[04] Shinshi Doumei +
[03] E's Otherwise
[03] Haibane Renmei
[02] Angel Sanctuary
[02] Card Captor Sakura
[02] Fruits Basket
[02] Kanon
[02] Sailormoon
[02] Ludwig Kakumei
[01] Phantasy Star IV
[01] Revolutionary Girl Utena

= 41 icons!

Remember: please comment, and credit my icons if you plan to use them (either fuyou or sashikomu). Thank you~


oo1 oo2 oo3 oo4 oo5
oo6 oo7 oo8 oo9 o10
o11 o12 o13 o14 o15
o16 o17 o18 o19 o20
o21 o22 o23 o24 o25
o26 o27 o28 o29 o30
o31 o32 o33 o34 o35
o36 o37 o38 o39 o40
- - o41 - -
Tags: alichino, angel sanctuary, card captor sakura, e's otherwise, fairy cube, fruits basket, haibane renmei, icons, kanon, ludwig kakumei, phantasy star iv, revolutionary girl utena, sailormoon, shinshi doumei +, x/1999

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