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[tutorial] sakura - easiest tutorial ever?

Incredibly easy tutorial today, yet delivers a really nice result. I was actually asked how to make this on my personal journal a while ago, but have only thought to copy it here today, whoops. ^_^;

Could somebody let me know who to credit the light texture and brush to please? Thank you.

We are going to go from this to this: .

Uses PS7.0, Very easy level of difficulty, transferable.

First, crop the base image to 100x100, then sharpen (Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen).

Duplicate the base and desaturate it. Set the layer to Linear Burn, 100% opacity.

Then apply this light texture (forget who from ^_^;), and set the layer to Lighten, 75%.

Finally, apply this antique-look, icon-sized brush to the image (who to credit please?) in white, and set to Soft Light, 100%.

Voila. As I said, easy.
Tags: card captor sakura, tutorial

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