May 10th, 2007

  • fuyou

[tutorial] setsuna - deepened colours

Since I had a nice response to my last icon post (thanks guys!), which used this particular method to make the icons, I have relented and decided to share how I did this. It's a simplistic tutorial, using only gradients primarily, but it can possibly bring out some great results.

Learn how to go from this to

Using PS 7.0, with EASY level of difficulty (just textures and colour layers), definitely transferable to other programs.

Collapse )

That's it! Now you can add text, borders, whatever to the icon, or just leave it as it is. I am aware that this won't necessarily work for all images though, mainly with light to mid coloured manga images, however this comes out really nicely. Just play around with the settings a bit to your liking. ^^

Comments and examples of icons you made with this tut are love.~