May 5th, 2006

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[mood theme] ouran koukou host club (anime)


I am a big fan of the anime/manga series Ouran Koukou Host Club, and I know many others are as well. And I'm pretty sure that there isn't a Ouran mood theme that has been created yet, specially since the anime has just started up. But I am enamoured by this anime, that I decided to rectify this. So here is an Ouran moodtheme that you all can snaffle.

It's version 1.0 mainly because I plan to change it as new episodes come out and I find more appropriate images to use. As it is, there's 110 images to download in the .zip file, meaning some are used for multiple moods. Hope nobody minds this. Screencaps were taken by me from my subbed and raw versions of the anime.

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Forgive me, this is my first mood theme, so I'm kind of new at this. Any problems with it, comment and I'll try to rectify it. And as usual, if you download, comment, and definitely credit me as the original creator if you decide to use it.