April 15th, 2006

  • fuyou

[icons] yaywoo!

I've decided to wait until I have a substantial amount of icons before posting, so instead of once a week (or twice), I'll go with maybe once a fortnight? Today, I have a heap of icons to offer to you.

A lot of them are experimentations with colours, gradients, brushes and new styles - thus, they're mainly rough, but I am really rather pleased with quite a few of them.

Blank icons are NOT bases, please ask if you would like me to customise them for you please.

Remember: please comment, and credit my icons if you plan to use them (either fuyou or sashikomu). Thank you~

[o5] Final Fantasy: Advent Children
[o5] Sailormoon
[o3] Angel Sanctuary
[o2] Ah! Megamisama
[o2] Clover
[o2] DNAngel
[o2] Fruits Basket
[o1] Full Moon wo Sagashite
[o1] Shamanic Princess
[o1] Vampire Princess Miyu
[o1] Weiss Kreuz
= 25 icons


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And to everyone who visits my journal, a happy bunny day to you *offers hot X buns ^_^*